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  1. The price that we offer will be held for at least 1 year and we will not increase our price without prior agreement. Our costing will be “open book”.
  2. We will provide not only a detailed cleaning specification but also the cleaning time. You will know exactly what we are providing for the money.
  3. We will always refund the cost of any shortfall in cleaning time.
  4. We will provide the cleaning service at a time to suit you.
  5. We will allocate a specific cleaner or cleaners to your site. We will endeavour, as far as we possibly can, to strive for consistency in the cleaning staff attending your site.
  6. The cleaning staff will be made clear of the cleaning, health and safety and any security requirements of the site.
  7. Our staff will be smart, competent, trained, discreet and reference checked (CRB checks or security checks can be arranged).
  8. We will carry out regular quality checks to ensure that the requirements of the service specification are met and maintained.
  9. Our cleaners will be supplied with the most effective equipment and cleaning products for the job.
  10. ACSS aims to far exceed statutory requirements on environmental impact and we will work with our suppliers and our customers to minimise our impact on the environment as much as possible.
  11. We will respond to any service issues within 24 hours
  12. You will not have to deal with many different faceless and ineffective voices on the end of a phone but you will have access to the Director of the business at any time.
  13. It would be easy for us to tell you how delighted our clients are with our commitment to service but we want you to feel 100% certain that we will deliver our promises.
Our Service Pledge means that if you’re not delighted with any of our services, you simply won’t pay – no arguments, no hassles, no quibbles.

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