Kitchen Deep Cleaning

At ACSS we understand the importance of kitchen deep cleans. Kitchens and their level of cleanliness have never before come under such intense scrutiny through health & safety legislation, environmental health requirements, insurance recommendations and customer and consumer demand.

A regular kitchen deep clean program will remove built up residues of hard fats and heavy carbon deposits and aid the effective operation of equipment and workplace alike. Most importantly it will greatly reduce the risk of fire & potential contamination.

We use chemicals designed to remove even the toughest residues and grease, conducting our cleans at a time to suit you, we ensure that the operation of your kitchen is not disrupted.

We clean everything from the ceiling down, including extractor hoods, filters and accessible ducting.

We steam clean hobs, ovens, fryers, and storage cabinets to ensure even the most stubborn mark is not left behind.

Once the high level cleaning is complete we scrub the floor with our scrubbing machine and special detergents that break down any grease . When the floor has been thoroughly scrubbed everything is sucked up with our wet pick-up machine, which ensures a clean and non slip surface is left behind.

The Manager of The Mill House Care Home, Kington, Worcestershire said of our services…

All-Clean Support Services worked so efficiently on the deep clean of our kitchen, causing no disruption to the residents meal times and they left our kitchen sparkling clean, we would recommend them to others.

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