Nipping off for a cuppa?

We’re all guilty of nipping off to the kitchen for a cuppa and a biscuit, but if we knew the company we were holding, we might reconsider.

A recent article in the Daily Mail found that you come in contact with around ten million types of bacteria within the workplace.

We’d like to introduce you to Matrix SDV8000, or as we like to call him, Neo:


Neo is a killer, he banishes unwelcome friends, even MRSA, a very unwelcome character.

The British weather seems to lend itself to bacteria: with cold days and the heating cranked up in the office, we create a cosy little pad for bacteria to replicate. In addition, we encourage employees with the sniffles to battle into work, hoping that they wash their hands after every sneeze.

In reality, it’s cheaper to employ All-Clean Support Services Ltd, Neo’s skills and supply a tissue than it is to send the sneezers home.

Benefits of steam cleaning with Neo include:

  • Save 80% on detergents
  • Use 95% less water
  • High-temperature steam
  • Low-moisture system
  • Deep cleaning to destroy unwanted micro-organisms

A clean workplace is a profitable one

There are many benefits to a clean workplace and facilities including happier employees and reduced sickness.

Moreover, new clients are going to prefer a clean office when they come for that all important meeting with you – we all know judgements are made in less than 12 seconds.

Simon Dixon, Director, All-Clean Support Services Ltd commented: “We’ve been using steam cleaners like Neo for some time now and have achieved great results for our clients. We spend a great deal of time at work, so it’s important that the toilet and kitchen facilities there are clean and bug-free.

“We’re confident that our steam cleaners are do a far better job than most detergents, and steam cleaning gets into the areas that cannot be cleaned effectively using standard cleaning methods.”

Don’t get us started on toilets

At All-Clean Support Services we recommend that workplace loos are deep cleaned at least twice a year and more often if they are heavily used. The loo is a breeding ground for bacteria and if the lid’s not down, a flush will happily push the bacteria into the air in the cubicles.

There’s no better way to rid a shared convenience of bugs than heat cleansing, it kills everything.

We truly believe that steam cleaners are the best environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and thorough way to get rid of germs. Periodic deep cleaning of your loos and /or kitchen facilities with a powerful steam cleaner will ensure that they are maintained to a high standard of cleanliness that cannot be achieved by standard cleaning alone.

Getting in touch couldn’t be easier, simply call 0800 980 2374 or email to tailor a cleaning solution for your budget.

Posted on 13th September 2016 in Kitchen Deep Cleaning, Steam Cleaning

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