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Client Case Study

office cleaning at McCann Birmingham

All-Clean Support Services have been providing a professional office cleaning service for the Birmingham branch of the world’s largest advertising and communications network – McCann World Group, since 2012 . McCann employ around 300 staff at their Headquarters located in Shirley near Solihull and we service their site with a team of 6 dedicated cleaners.

When we were initially contacted by McCann, they had been having service issues with their incumbent cleaning supplier, and despite numerous meetings, the issues had not been resolved.

Having been impressed with our plans to improve the cleaning on the site and resolve the staff issues, McCann appointed All-Clean Support Services as their chosen cleaning services supplier.

We immediately started the necessary processes, in accordance with TUPE regulations, to transfer the existing contract to our office cleaners. During this process we met with the cleaning staff in order to explain the reasons why the change was taking place, the transfer process itself and also to clarify the steps that needed to be taken by them in order to achieve the standards that were necessary.

Following a number of staff changes over the first few weeks, including the replacement of the site supervisor, we achieved a motivated group of cleaners, led by a competent and responsible Site Supervisor. The cleaning team were issued with a Cleaning Specification to follow, which laid out clearly the areas to be cleaned, the tasks and their frequencies.

Individual cleaners were given training in safe and effective cleaning methods. Regular inspections of the cleaning on site by ACSS management were initiated, in order to ensure continuation of satisfactory cleaning standards. These visits also include a meeting with the appointed client representative in order for use to receive feedback on the cleaning of the site.

All-Clean Support Services Ltd are proud to say that we still continue to provide a professional cleaning service to this prestigious client in Solihull, to this day.

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