Industrial Cleaning

ACSS have the knowledge and experience to meet your industrial cleaning needs in Bromsgrove and throughout the Midlands.

Our industrial cleaning services include:

Daily Factory Cleaning

A regular cleaning regime, particularly including key areas such as floors and washrooms is essential in promoting an efficient and safe working environment.

ACSS have over 10 year’s experience in the cleaning of industrial sites in Bromsgrove and throughout the Midlands, including production environments where high levels of powders, dust or oil and grease may exist.

We are also experienced in cleaning within areas that are subject to food hygiene regulations and the use of cleaning chemicals suitable for such sensitive environments.

Industrial cleaning

High Level Cleaning

We are very experienced in the cleaning of building structures, at high level, both internally and externally. See case studies below:

Industrial cleaning at Automated Packaging


One of Malvern’s leading companies based on The Enigma Business Park, APS, have contracted All-Clean Support Services to carry out a variety of periodic cleans around the site each year.

A producer of packaging for the food industry, APS have to maintain the cleanliness of their production facility to the highest standards.

As part of the cleaning maintenance schedule, ACSS carry out a monthly high level clean within the production area. This requires us to clean all high level surfaces including walls, ceilings, building framework and racking.

We also carry out regular window and carpet cleaning of the administration areas.

In 2011 APS asked us to clean the whole of the outside of their building (please see photo above).

Atchison Topeka

industrial cleaning contract provided at Atchison Topeka  

Atchison Topeka Logistics are based on Pointon Way, Hampton Lovett. We have been carrying out a twice daily clean of their offices and warehouse facilities since 2007.

A.T. have to meet exacting standards of cleanliness in their warehouse for the storage of food product. We have assisted them in meeting those standards through cleans to the warehouse floor – an extensive area to clean (roughly the size of 4 football pitches) and high level cleaning of the internal structure of the warehouse.

Machinery Cleaning

We also have experience of cleaning industrial machines. For example, cleaning of plastic bin lid moulding machines for Egbert H. Taylor & Co. Ltd .

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