Medical And Vetinary Cleaning

At All-Clean Support Services, we are passionate and professional about meeting the rigorous cleaning challenges presented by the healthcare sector.

When we take care of your medical premises we will discuss with you and subsequently introduce the appropriate infection control procedures.

A cleaning schedule will be tailored specifically for your building.

Your cleaners will be trained in how to deliver the standards set out in this schedule and they will be supplied with the most effective equipment and products for the job.

Once things are up and running, we will ensure that standards are maintained through conducting regular audits and refresher training for our team.

When your dedicated cleaning staff are on holiday or off sick, we will supply a cover cleaner, trained to cover the work to the same high standard you will have come to expect from ACSS’s regular cleaners.

Case Study

medical cleaning contract provided at The Joint Clinic, Droitwich

The Joint Clinic, Droitwich

ACSS have provided a professional cleaning services to The Joint Clinic in Droitwich, since 2008.

We ensure that the waiting area, consulting rooms, washroom, kitchen and offices are all cleaned to the high standards required.

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